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RepQuest search

Search all validated consulting and learning organizations and their programs.

Trustworthy information

A team of 10 certified auditors has spent 3 years collecting and validating the information available to you now via RepQuest.


Powerful filters to help you narrow down your results.

Organization profile

15 validated and comparable characteristics of each certified organization.

Advanced comparison

Compare organizations based on criteria developed as a result of €1,6M investment in research and development.


Get access to verified testimonials (testimonials have been validated by certified auditors).

Pricing information

Get access to pricing information for service providers and programs.

Reliability scoring

Get access to the reliability score of each service provider.

Complete scan reports

Get access to the complete audit report of each service provider (3 times more detailed than in the free version).

Extension to 1200 organizations

Hundreds more organizations (including partner federation providers and with a lighter validation), accessible through a single search, filtering and comparison engine.

Complete training database

The most complete database of 30 000 training programs in Belgium (Formbase).

Advanced comparison tool

Assign importance (weight) to your criteria. Assign personal scores to each compared provider.

Your own search engine

Customize access to the database for your employees or partners.

Complete list of domains

In addition to 75 expertise domains, additional federation-specific domains and categorizations available for filtering*.

Custom database

Include or exclude specific organizations, build sets of preferred suppliers, include/exclude specific services and domains.

Link to your pages

Include links to the specific pages of your website.

Add your own learning programs and services

Add services and programs you have developed for your employees, partners or agents.